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Business studies

Field of studies: MANAGEMENT

Type: I cycle studies - BACHELOR

Studies: Business studies


Excellence in Business and Tourism Management

Management in Textiles Industry

180 ECTS (3 years)

Description of studies and specialisations

The main goals of this study programme are to prepare and educate students to become specialists within their chosen spheres of Business and Tourism, as main fields of interests for international and entrepreneurs, as well as domestic ones, who are potential employers for these students. This programme is addressed to students who would like to understand marketing strategies on global market, EU market, especially Central and Eastern European markets including Polish market and its features. The deep understanding of contemporary environment to can maximize potential for companies entering these markets and develop market share within their chosen sector(s), including tourism as important part of business management. Modern study programme will help to make bold marketing decisions and achieve the company goals on the chosen market with excellent results.

During the studies there is also the special subject connected directly to Polish language and culture (business, social and economic) that will help in understanding the rules of marketing and management in business and tourism. To fulfill the need of improving the language skills of students with average levels of English our university offers the option of additional language courses during the studies for students who are interested in improving their language skills even more. As well as other foreign languages that students might be interested in.

Excellence in Business and Tourism Management

The first specialisation – excellence in business and tourism management is aimed especially at International Students who wish to complete their studies at first cycle of studies. It is also aimed specially for students who wish to continue their education in English and after that work for international companies in Poland or Europe. Two main sectors that academic lecturers and practitioners will present during this programme are the most interesting for international competitors and investors. After finishing this study programme and gaining the qualifications which are recognized worldwide, the student (postgraduate) will be able to use English their skills with confidence within any business or social environment they should ever encounter.


Management in Textiles Industry

The second specialisation is especially prepared and addressed to candidates who are interested in developing their managerial skills in the textiles industries. The textile industry is very strong in Poland and one of our principal textile production and trade cities is Łódź. The growth of textile industry (production and sales) has been increasing in recent years, and there are over 116 thousands employees working in this branch - that is quite impressive. Poland in general, and main Polish cities (Warsaw, Łódź, Poznań, Katowice) have lots of consumers who are interested in fashion and clothing, so the textile industry is most certainly a huge market in Poland. Other European countries are also interesting markets to observe, as far as the main trends in fashion and textile industry are concerned. This specialisation should be of much interest for those candidates who would like to study management within this sector and gain practical skills and knowledge about the textiles market. The management and marketing theories will meet practical aspects of textile businesses. Students who would like to study it are recommended to be interested and involved in the soft goods market.

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Profile Alumni

For those students who rise to the challenge, reach for the sky and succeed. Personal growth, the will to be the best, to make your dreams a reality, are all at your fingertips here at GWSH (KSE).

Today’s labour market requires alumni that are well prepared. This challenge of the contemporary world is accomplished within an interesting study programme such as is offered here by the Katowice School of Economics.

Core subjects - Management

  • Microeconomics
  • Elements of mathematics
  • Introduction to business law
  • Fundamentals of company finance
  • Fundamentals of management
  • Business statistics
  • Fundamentals of marketing
  • Fundamentals of accounting,
  • International entrepreneurship
  • Organisational sciences
  • Marketing research
  • Management of international business projects
  • Human resources management in international environment
  • Organisational management in Europe
  • Environment and management
  • Financial accounting
  • European quality management standards
  • International intellectual property protection law
  • Business information technologies
  • Language
  • Sports
  • Polish language and culture for international students
  • Internship (in Polish companies with international background or international companies with departments in Poland)


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Specialisation subjects

Exellence in Business and Tourism Management

  • Internationalisation and globalisation in business environment
  • Consumers behaviour on international market
  • Management of tourist attractions
  • Promotion techniques on international market
  • International project management
  • Marketing in business and tourism – case studies
  • Sales strategies on international market
  • Corporate social responsibility in business
  • Psychology in management and tourism
  • Customer relationship management
  • Enterprise zones in international tourism


Visualizing your program

Specialisation subjects

Management in Textiles Industry

  • International business environment
  • Psychology of consumer behaviour
  • Consumer behaviour in textiles industry
  • Introduction to merchandising in textiles
  • Logistics and Supply chain management in textiles
  • Marketing and advertising in B2C market
  • Leadership and management in textiles companies
  • Consumerism and sustainable development
  • Human resources management in textiles
  • Marketing tools in B2B for mercery companies
  • Sustainable marketing for textiles industry

Fees for foreign students

1. Application fee

2. Admission fee

Application fee and Admission fee are included in the package of Green Bridge Offer.

3. Annual tuition fee: 1660EUR

4. Total tuition fee: 4980 EUR0

Fundamental application documents

Candidates from Bangladesh

  • Application Form (please complete in Word file, not handwriting)

  • Secondary School-leaving certificate/Maturity certificate which gives access to study at any type of higher education institutions, i.e.: Higher Secondary Certificate (second division) or Vocational Higher Secondary Certificate (GPA 2,5-3,5)                              

  • International Passport copy

  • Copy of the insurance policy is case of illness or accident for the period of stay in Poland or insurance against accidents.
  • Supplement to the certificate (if issued)
  • Translation into Polish by sworn translator
  • Legalization on the document + Recognition certificate

University’s Agent exclusively for Bangladesh is Green Bridge LTD – they are our experienced and trusted co-operator, the University is bound by a written agreement with this Agency.

Assistance for Candidates supplied by Green Bridge LTD Agency:

- Support in your application by answering all your questions and explaining step by step the whole process,· Collecting application documents

- Preparation for VISA application

- Payment of study fees in the name of a candidate to our University (a first year package)

- Accommodation in Poland (Katowice) for the first 3 months

- Guidance and assistance in recognition procedure of the Silesian Education Superintendent

Payment of tuition fees for the 2nd and 3rd year should be made in euros (EUR) directly to the University.

In case of any other questions please do not hesitate to contact our Agent as he is the most experienced when it comes to the application process for our Bangladeshi candidates:


Welcome to KSE!

Katowice School of Economics (KSE) is a non-state academic Higher Educational Institution - placed in the state Register of Non-Public Schools of Higher Education and the Union of Non-Public Schools of Higher Education, run by the Minister of Science and Higher Education, under the consecutive number 36.

Scientific research, as well as high standards of education, make KSE one of the top Polish business schools.The educational offer is composed of 15 fields of study at first (bachelor) and second (master) cycle programmes. Moreover, KSE conducts doctoral seminars and is awarded with the right to confer the doctorate title in economics studies in the field of management.

Since 2016 KSE is also entitled to confere the "doktor habilitowany" (habilitation) tile in economics studies in the field of management, this means we are granted the full academic rights.


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