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Field of studies: MANAGEMENT

Type: I cycle studies (BACHELOR)

180 ECTS (3 years)

STUDIES FORM: full time studies

Period of studies: 3 years (6 semesters)

Language: Polish/English – only specialties in English (for Polish students)

Language: English – full curriculum in English


1. International business and tourism

2. Modern business management

3. Management in textiles industry

4. Business psychology in international management (new)

5. Innovative tourism and hospitality management (new)

The main goals of this study programme are to prepare and educate students to become specialists within their chosen spheres of business, including tourism, hospitality and other services important in contemporary world. These fields of interests for international and entrepreneurs, as well as domestic ones, are important for our candidates who are potential employees for these entrepreneurs. This programme is addressed to students who would like to understand marketing strategies on global market, EU market, especially Central and Eastern European markets including Polish market and its features. The deep understanding of contemporary environment to can maximize potential for companies entering these markets and develop market share within their chosen sector(s), including tourism as important part of business management. Modern study programme will help to make bold marketing decisions and achieve the company goals on the chosen market with excellent results.

Curriculum is based on main aspects that help building students` confidence in business environment and skills necessary in contemporary business world. The bachelor studies programme is addressed especially for those candidates who like being involved in their classes, have high quality expectations and would like to spend their time with other interesting people from different countries on business activities in practice. It is also highly suitable for those entrepreneurs who would like to invest in Poland or other EU countries by founding their business activities in Europe.

During the studies there is also the special subject connected directly to Polish language and culture (business, social and economic) that will help in understanding the rules of marketing and management in business and tourism. To fulfil the need of improving the language skills of students with average levels of English our university offers the option of additional language courses during the studies for students who are interested in improving their language skills even more. As well as other foreign languages that students might be interested in.

description of studies and SPECIALTIES

The first specialty is aimed especially for those candidates who wish to complete their studies at first cycle of studies and who are interested in marketing management and sales strategies, both international and Polish students who wish to continue their education in English and think about building their future in international business. It is also aimed specially for candidates who wish to continue their education and career path in English and after graduation they would like to work for international companies in Poland or Europe. Two main sectors that academic lecturers and practitioners will present during this programme are the most interesting for international competitors and investors. After finishing this study programme and gaining the qualifications which are recognized worldwide, the alumni will be able to use English their skills with confidence within any business or social environment they should ever encounter.



The second specialty for our candidates is based on contemporary market requirements and in general is focused on modern business method and tools used in management in different fields of business. Both B2B and B2C market management will be covered by the study programme and it is all about management in product planning, pricing, distribution channels, planning, organising and controlling distribution policy and communication strategies for companies on both domestic and international markets. Interesting workshops and lectures with Professors who are Practitioners are the most important advantage of this study programme. Building the confidence in managing in nowadays market conditions with usage of modern tools should be easy for those who will apply for this specialty.



The third specialty is especially prepared and addressed to candidates who are interested in developing their managerial skills in the textiles industries. The textile industry is very strong in Poland and one of our principal textile production and trade cities is Łódź. The growth of textile industry (production and sales) has been increasing in recent years, and there are over 116 thousands employees working in this branch - that is quite impressive. Poland in general, and main Polish cities (Warsaw, Łódź, Poznań, Katowice) have lots of consumers who are interested in fashion and clothing, so the textile industry is most certainly a huge market in Poland. Other European countries are also interesting markets to observe, as far as the main trends in fashion and textile industry are concerned. This specialty should be of much interest for those candidates who would like to study management within this sector and gain practical skills and knowledge about the textiles market. The management and marketing theories will meet practical aspects of textile businesses. Students who would like to study it are recommended to be interested and involved in the soft goods market.

This novelty is addressed mostly to contemporary candidates like entrepreneurs or managers who wish to successfully manage their employees in a most efficient and modern way on international market. The influence of psychological factors that influence contemporary management and especially internal and external communication within a company is the most interesting field of studies for modern managers. Ways of using psychology in business, including during negotations, sales, marketing and pricing policies are different and demand both vast and detailed knowledge in that matter. This is the key point of this new specialty tailored for contemporary managers. The specialty will be available for students in October 2020. Be an early bird and choose it first!




Tourism and hospitality – two branches of business that have been hit particularly hard this year. As modern university KBU tries to fulfil the needs and expectations of potential candidates even before they realise them. Due to the global pandemic situation, tourism and the hotel industry have to face new challenges and approach the market with a new, positive attitude, at the same time listening even more to the needs and expectations of potential customers. This specialty is addressed to determined and eager to achieve success in difficult tasks and challenging market candidates who are not afraid of the complex demands of the modern market in traditional industries. The specialty will be available for students in October 2020. Be an early bird and choose it first!


All specialties that our candidates declare during the recruitment procedure are pre-selection. The final decision is to be made after finishing the third semester on I cycle studies.

Additional advantages for the studies at KBU

After finishing the study programme Excellence in Management with one of the chosen specialties gives the alumni the knowledge, skills and competences that postgraduates can use in dynamic business environment worldwide. Additionally during the studies or after their completion students (or alumni) will have the chance to gain additional linguistic skills with one of the chosen technical (specialized) exams to get the qualification which is recognized worldwide, the student (postgraduate) will be able to use English fluently and communicate with confidence within any business or social environment.

Katowice School of Economics (GWSH) started last July the cooperation with University of Greenwich and INTEVENG (division of Express Publishing Group) based on certified exams – the Vocational English Certificate (VEC) organized at our university. This VEC exams with different specialties in vocabulary (e.g. management I, management II, business communication) is an exam recognized by the biggest companies all over the world. It tests language qualifications of people using English in office work as well as in international business. A unique International Certificate focusing on English for Specific Purposes (ESP) - VEC is an innovative examination that covers the widest variety of professions in the current market. As such, it provides a solid reference for your linguistic skills in your chosen career and can provide a competitive advantage on your CV.

The globalization of local markets in recent years has created countless opportunities in the professional arena, allowing for unprecedented mobility in the workforce. However, these changes are also creating new challenges and the ability to communicate in an international professional environment is becoming of paramount importance. In response to these modern demands, Express Publishing and the University of Greenwich launched a partnership to develop and establish the Vocational English Certification (VEC). INTERVENG is a division of Express Publishing, set up with the sole purpose of administering the VEC assessment and examination model. And these exams are going to be held in our University Examination and Training Centre since July 2018.

To fulfill the need of improving the language skills of students with average levels of English our university offers the Professional English Training for VEC language courses within the study programme – 3 courses are included within study curriculum (no additional fees). Each student will gain a certificate of attendance on extra Professional English Training for VEC after finishing the course every year. Additionally every course that prepares the participants to certain topic of VEC (almost 70 different fields of expertise on vocabulary – e.g. management, business negotiations, tourism, hospitality, IT, economics, marketing, e-commerce etc. as well as a medical ones: nursing, physiotherapy, beauty salon etc.) ends with an exam organized by GWSH INTERVENG centre in Katowice (building C). The exam is paid 350 PLN (about 78 Euro) and the certificate of VEC is issued by University of Greenwich and INTERVENG (division of Express Publishing Group). and if a student is even more interested in gaining additional skills – there are also additional language courses (not included within study programme) during the studies for students who are interested in improving their language skills even more.

For those students who rise to the challenge and succeed, our prestigious alumni is an organisation to be immensely proud of and is a badge of honour for any top flight leader in their field. Personal growth, the will to be the best, to make your dreams a reality, are all at your fingertips here at KBU (GWSH), our multi-disciplinary approach is unmatched.

Our study programme has so many different aspects that after finishing this course, you will automatically be widely skilled. A critical professional that effortlessly finds the way in business and tourism – and far beyond. Today’s labour market requires alumni that are well prepared. We know this as academic and practitioners at the same time. That is why we accept this challenge of the contemporary world and offer to our candidates, students and alumni an interesting study programme to accomplish the goal. Such offer is open for you here by the Katowice Business University. We are welcoming you with our professional staff!




Elements of mathematics

Introduction to business law

Fundamentals of company finance

Fundamentals of management

Business statistics

Management of international business projects

Human resources management in international environment

Organizational management in Europe

Business information technology

Financial accounting

core subjects - management

Marketing research

Organizational sciences

Company finance on international market

Fundamentals of accounting

Fundamentals of marketing


International intellectual property protection law

E-business and e-commerce in practice

European quality management standards

Polish language and culture for international students

Internship (in Polish companies with international background or international companies with departments in Poland, there is also a possibility of international internships – ask for details in )



Visualizing your program

Internationalisation of companies

International company environment analysis

Contemporary tourism and hospitality management

Consumer behaviour on international market

Europen Union institutions and policies

International marketing

Marketing strategies in CEE markets

Event marketing in business and tourism

Sustainable development in tourism and business

Psychology in international business

International business negotiations

Thesis introduction•Bachelor seminar (thesis)

Foreign language in business (Polish, German)

Professional Training for VEC exam



Visualizing your program

Internationalisation of companies

International company environment analysis

Human resources management in international companies

Business creative management

Business critical thinking

European Union institutions and policies

International marketing

Marketing strategies in CEE markets

Employer branding on international market

Lean service and lean office

Psychology in international business

International business negotiations

Thesis introduction•Bachelor seminar (thesis)

Foreign language in business (Polish, German)

Professional Training for VEC exam



Visualizing your program

International business environment

Psychology of consumer behavior

Consumer behaviour in textiles industry

Introduction to merchandising in textiles

Logistics and supply chain management in textiles

Marketing and advertising in modern market

Leadership and management in textiles companies

Consumerism and sustainable development

Human resources management in textiles

Marketing tools in B2B for mercery companies

Sustainable marketing for textiles industry

Thesis introduction•Bachelor seminar (thesis)

Foreign language in Business (Polish, German)

Professional Training for VEC exam




For both specialties - detailed curriculum available in October 2020 (for eager Early Birds - you can pre-select them!)

Each specialisation has a seminar – introduction and thesis tutoring as a complete set of activities, skills and professional experience gained from Tutors for Bachelor thesis.

Each year a student is encouraged to take a VEC exam (for additional fee – 350 PLN = 78 Euro) on chosen topic. The professional training for VEC – a language course for specific topic each year is free of charges for our students. After finishing the course you will gain a certificate of training as well. After the exam you can gain additional certificate (certificate of exam). This additional certified qualification is well recognized by the labour market in Poland and worldwide.

If you have further questions – do not hesitate to contact us on or telephone: 0048 32 3570 603

Additional opportunities:

Visualizing your program

TOTAL PRICE per first semester with all fees: 1098 Euro (for candidates on Bachelor – all specialties)


Registration fee – 63 Euro

Entry fee – 125 Euro

Study fee - 910 Euro per semester (fix price for the whole studies)

If you would like to pay in PLN – contact us for details!

Check our promotions – if any questions do not hesitate to contact us !

fees for


fundamental application documents

candidates from bangladesh

University’s Agent exclusively for Bangladesh is Green Bridge LTD – they are our experienced and trusted co-operator, the University is bound by a written agreement with this Agency.

Assistance for Candidates supplied by Green Bridge LTD Agency:

- Support in your application by answering all your questions and explaining step by step the whole process,· Collecting application documents

- Preparation for VISA application

- Payment of study fees in the name of a candidate to our University (a first year package)

- Accommodation in Poland (Katowice) for the first 3 months

Payment of tuition fees for the 2nd year should be made in euros (EUR) directly to the University.

In case of any other questions please do not hesitate to contact our Agent as he is the most experienced when it comes to the application process for our Bangladeshi candidates:

Bachelor Diploma with its Supplement issued by the accredited university in Bangladesh after minimum 3-years study programme (higher education diploma of completion of 1st cycle programme giving the right to seek admission to the second-cycle study programme-Master level in the chosen above field of study in the country where this diploma was issued), e.g.:

- Bachelor (Honours): Bachelor of Arts (Hons), Bachelor of Science (Hons), Bachelor of Commerce (Hons), Bachelor of Laws (Hons).

- Bachelor – issued after 4 years by the private University

- Bachelor (Professional)

- Bachelor (Graduate entry): Bachelor of Education, Bachelor of Physical Education, Bachelor of Law.

Please note, that Diploma „Bachelor (Pass)” obtained after 2-years programme in Bangladesh is not accepted.Full application requirements available at our Agent – Green Bridge LTD Agency.

- Supplement to the certificate (if issued)

- Legalization on the document

- International Passport copy

- Copy of the insurance policy is case of illness or accident for the period of stay in Poland or insurance against accidents.I

aplication form

- please complete in Word file, not handwriting).

Study with us – be safe with us!

This is our motto for the new academic year!

ANTI-COVID-2019 actions – because KBU CARES!

To fulfill the general pandemic rules as well as taking care of the health and well-being of our students we have decided to spread our wings virtually.

Therefore, from the academic year 2020/2021, we are introducing an online study option especially for foreign students (all classes are related to the full-time plan - classes are obligatory, and in addition to lectures and exercises, lecturers will be available for our students for online consultations at the given times and on request - by prior arrangement by e-mail.

Meeting the expectations of our candidates related to the waiting for a visa, we propose these candidates to start the first year of studies online (live classes in real time). Using new technologies the only condition to join the classes is having internet access (webcam and microphone – your professors and colleagues will talk to you in real time). You have a regular student status – the only thing is the time of your arrival may be delayed from one to two semesters. The choice is yours!

If you have further questions – do not hesitate to contact us on or telephone: 0048 32 3570 603

Due to COVID-19 pandemic situation – our International Team works mostly online – if you need to see us in person make an arrangements prior to the date of your choice (at least 2 days before)


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Katowice Business University (KBU) is a non-state academic Higher Educational Institution - placed in the state Register of Non-Public Schools of Higher Education and the Union of Non-Public Schools of Higher Education, run by the Minister of Science and Higher Education, under the consecutive number 36.

Scientific research, as well as high standards of education, make KBU one of the top Polish business schools.The educational offer is composed of 15 fields of study at first (bachelor) and second (master) cycle programmes. Moreover, KBU conducts doctoral seminars and is awarded with the right to confer the doctorate title in economics studies in the field of management.

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